10 Most Creepy Creatures on Halloween Day

Halloween or Hallowe'en is a tradition of the celebration the night of October 31, and particularly celebrated in the United States. This tradition comes from Ireland, and taken by the Irish who emigrated to North America. Children celebrated Halloween by wearing spooky costumes, and going from door to door asking neighbors candy or chocolate, saying "Trick or treat!" Speech is a kind of "threat" which means "Give us the (candy) or we jahili."
Here is a creepy creatures that exist on the day of Halloween:

1. Vampires (Dracula)
paling seru
They will suck your blood. Dracula appears in folklore for thousands of years, dating from the 18th century and 19th-century myths of Eastern Europe. Believed that a person is born with a disability or death of an irregular, after burial, rise again to terrorize people. Dracula needs human blood to stay alive. In the myth, vampires can be killed by putting wooden pegs in the heart of the cross.

2. Ghost (Ghost)
10 Makhluk Paling Menyeramkan di Hari Halloween
Ghosts, many believe, many others do not believe in its existence, much has been seen, some are never seen. That said, 50% of people believe in ghosts, many kinds of ghosts, like pocong, kuntilanak, devil face flat, wewe Gombel, etc.. Even the film industry we all met by the ghost theme.

3. Witches (Witch)
Better known by his mythic features a black pointy hat and warty nose. In the past, witch is considered to have magical powers associated with the natural world. A hunt that culminated in medieval Europe and 17th-century America. There are good witches, some evil witches, and even now the world is infatuated with the title wizard, where they are a good witch, as Harry Potter or charmed (3 witch sexy).

4. Jinn
It literally means something that connotes "hidden" or "invisible". In Islam and pre-Islamic Arabian mythology, the jinn is one race of creatures that are not visible and was created from fire. In the opinion of those who came before Islam, Jin regarded as sacred beings, who must be worshiped and respected. The people at that time described it in the form of a statue of their god.

5. Werewolves (Werewolves)
These creatures will appear at night, especially at full moon. Like magicians, they hunted and killed in the Middle Ages. In the myth, they are usually shaped like a human being in the daytime, but at night will turn into a werewolf and start searching for prey for the meal.

6. Zombie
zombies are individuals who have died, whether their souls are sucked from their bodies or been revived from the dead through black magic. Zombie myth comes from the voodoo religion in Haiti, where he still believes that people can fall into empty space just like a walking corpse that we saw in the movie (without the whole body and eating human flesh). An ethnobotanist investigating the claims in Haiti found a toxic drug that can really drive the zombie style.

7. Gargoyles
In the contemporary fiction, gargoyles are also often described as a (mostly) race with demonic features, generally horns, tail, and claws. They are said to be the guardians of the building where they are. These fictional gargoyles can generally use their wings to fly or glide, and is often described as a rock to hide, or not able to turn into stone in one way or another.

8. Demons (evil spirit)
One of the all-encompassing term for an "evil spirit," Satan can represent anything from evil ghosts or angels fall into Satan's puppet. Like the notion of crime itself, they have ancient origins that appears in folklore and literature throughout the world.

9. Goblins
Famous in fairy tales, petite and hairy, more to the mischievous nature of goblins rather than threatening. Legend tells of goblins hiding in the woods, interesting and sometimes kidnap human babies. Their own spawn. Unlike some other creatures mentioned here and perhaps because of their disconnect from religion, goblins never crossed the threshold of a real delusion caused panic in medieval towns.

10. Angel executioners
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Why do farts smell bad

Why smell like gas? Those responsible for the unpleasant odor of the gases are:

• The remaining bacteria in the colon.

• The remains of undigested food.

• Certain sulfur-rich vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, beans and substitutes for sorbitol.

How to combat the smell of gas?
• To combat this, make every day a half glass of cranberry juice contains phytochemicals that suppress the smell.

• Also, eat foods such as yogurt, parsley and mint leaves.

• Go to the bathroom when your body asks for it, not endurance.
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Risk factors that influence osteoporosis

Origin of osteoporosis. There are certain risk factors that may make it less or more likely a person to suffer from osteoporosis.

Risk factors for osteoporosis:
• Females.

• White Race.

• Lack of sex hormones and menstrual cycle.

• Early menopause or delayed puberty.

• Constitution thin and small.

• habitual diet low in calcium.

• Limited exposure to sunlight.

• Lack of physical activity.

• Excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee and snuff.

• Family history in parents and siblings.
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Because alcohol is considered a drug

Is alcohol considered a drug? If alcohol is a drug and the most serious. This legal drug, affects the following way:

• It causes medical problems, especially in the brain and liver, too, is the leading cause of traffic fatalities among youth.

• Similarly, alters the central nervous system, affecting the senses and distorting reality.

• Produce a disinhibition and leads to an initial situation of euphoria and then depression.

• When these effects are taken to limit ethylic coma occurs.

• Long term, apart from the liver lesions, leads to a state of dependency.

Avoid consumption is difficult, it is a social drug. This requires awareness campaigns do all the damage caused by its ingestion.
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Why the feet swelling during pregnancy

Is it normal to swell the legs in pregnancy? if the swelling and heaviness are normal and that overweight affects your circulation, also begin to retain fluid, this is called peripheral edema. Not all pregnant women is the same.

• Be active and limit processed foods because they contain too much salt, which promotes water retention.

• But, if you experience pain in the legs or calves, or if the swelling is on one side and a headache may be a clot. Contact your doctor immediately as during pregnancy increases the risk of clots:

"If you feel a headache, it is likely that the clot is in the brain.

"If there is pain in one leg and it looks red and swollen, the clot is there.
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